This week’s recommendation: 3 Idiots


3 Idiots (2009)

Genre: Comedy

Starring Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Boman Irani, Sharman Joshi, Madhavan


This has to be easily one of the best Hindi movie after a long time. It has everything in it that a Bollywood movie should have. It has comedy, sentiments, songs and top class acting. Generally I would support all of Aamir Khan’s movies blindly as he is one actor who has shown consistency in the recent years unlike the other Khans who have managed to do keep it only to hits and misses.

Story in brief:

The story starts off in a brilliant way and within the first 10 minutes you find out that its a journey being undertaken by 2 college friends to find their 3rd friend. Along this journey you would come to know about a long forgotten bet made to a nerd, a wedding that the friends need to crash to steal the bride from her own wedding and a funeral which goes totally out of control.


What is a Bollywood movie without its trademark songs and dances? Some movies over do it, some under do it. But 3 Idiots is spot on. You realise that on the first song itself. The picturization is absolutely breathtaking to say the least. And it also plays an important part in establishing how the friendship was between the 2 guys and the 3rd missing guy. Its a peaceful melody and if you are as imaginative as me, would find yourself wishing you were experiencing the location with the actors first hand.

The rest of the songs are aptly placed throughout the movie. You don’t feel at any point that the flow of the story has been sacrificed just for the sake of putting the song in. And the song adds to the overall mood of the movie. The editing done on the movie and these songs is plain fantastic.


Its Aamir. What more do I need to say? I always tend to be more biased toward him but then, he is worth being biased to. In the recent crop of Bollywood actors, he is one whom many Indians are proud of when talking to their non-Indian friends. This guy knows how to act. Doesn’t matter what kind of role it is. He will do it and deliver his 100%. He played a character which was half his age in this movie and you won’t even notice if you didn’t know his real age. That too, just after doing the character of the most beefed up and possessed guy in Ghajini.

As for Shaman Joshi & Madhavan, their acting is on par with Aamir’s. They deliver their dialogues and punchlines with such ease that you feel that those are their real characters. Without these 2 guys, this movie would have definitely not become what it is. Their versatility and the range of emotions they are able to show is just incredible.

Nothing much to be said about Kareena Kapoor in fact. She has a much more minor role but does fulfill her role pleasingly without overdoing it or such.

Oh Boman Irani! This might be one of his career best performances! He is such a joy to watch! First in Munnabhai MBBS as a principal and now here. Just outstanding! You begin to hate him and relate him to your principal or teachers that you never liked in school.


What’s a movie without a moral? This movie, 3 Idiots, definitely has one. It shows the harsh and unacceptable path that the Indian education system has taken. It shows how every single parent expects their child to be an engineer, doctor or lawyer. And how the interests of the child are never really taken note off. The only thing the parents want from their children is good grades, good degree and a great job. They forget to see that that is not what life is all about. Life is about enjoying the journey. Its about doing things that you like. Its about excelling in things that you like.

I would say this is a hard subject, but the way the movie handles this topic is just amazing. You don’t realise the harsh truth the movie is showing immediately. But it makes you to start thinking about the screwed up education system we have in India, where only grades are given applause and other talents like sports or photography are ridiculed.

Ending notes:

As the movie comes to an end, I strongly felt that I wish the journey wasn’t over. I wished the movie just went on and I could happily dwell in the comics and adventures of these 3 Idiots. Not many movies bring such a strong feeling in you. For me, this was one of them. Just an outstanding movie.

I’ve watched:

5 times and counting!



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